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  • Review: One Night in Miami [London Film Festival] – Big Picture Film Club

    Review: One Night in Miami [London Film Festival] – Big Picture Film Club

    “In a 2014 interview, the activist and writer Angela Y. Davis decried the emphasis on individualism in American history. “It is essential to resist the depiction of history as the work of heroic individuals,” she said, as a way to make sure that people today were able to recognise their “potential agency as part of […]

  • Review: Bombshell – ‘Big Picture Film Club’

    Review: Bombshell – ‘Big Picture Film Club’

    ‘Does it refer to the huge news story? So gigantic it exploded onto the 24-hour news cycle in 2016, dominating the conversation for weeks. Or maybe it means the striking skinny blond newscasters who delivered that story on Fox News? The film’s title, Bombshell, isn’t the only thing that’s hard to pin down in this fictionalised retelling of the […]

  • Review: Parasite – ‘Big Picture Film Club’

    Review: Parasite – ‘Big Picture Film Club’

    ‘When a parasite connects to its host, it’s trying to survive. As an organism it has adapted to this way of life, to rely on its host to endure, to feed, and to live. The host is noticeably weakened by the parasite, its resources now feed two beings and as such parasites are merciless.’ You […]

  • Review: The Farewell – ‘Big Picture Film Club’

    Review: The Farewell – ‘Big Picture Film Club’

    ‘Based on a true story’ are words even the most casual of movie-goers will recognise. They’re almost in-built into the DNA of modern filmmaking, no matter how loosely they’re used. Lulu Wang’s second feature The Farewell, however, announces it’s ‘based on an actual lie’.  You can read the full review here.

  • Review: Wound

    Review: Wound

    Richard Scott can make what was considered seedy into a thing of beauty, he can take violence and spin it into verse that both hurts and stuns. His poetry captures the essence of what it means to be gay, and to be an artist, and how those things work in conjunction. It shows what it […]